Skryne GFC Horsepower Draw

1. The Club:

Skryne Gaelic Football Club (Skryne GFC) is affiliated to, and bound by, the Rules of the Gaelic Athletic Association. All funds generated by the Draw will be managed by Skryne GFC in accordance with its Constitution and procedures.

2. Conduct of Draw:

  1. Draw will take place on Saturday 8th October in Foxs Pub on the Hill of Skryne
  2. The first ticket drawn will win the 1st Prize and the second ticket drawn will win the 2nd Prize, continuing similarly until all prizes have been allocated.
  3. The Club will appoint independent observers who will oversee the conduct of the draw.

3. Additional/Early Bird Draws:

  1. A maximum of 5 Additional/ ‘Early Bird’ Draws will be held in the period May to September 2022. All tickets sold up to the day before the Draw shall be eligible for entry in the Early Bird draw.
  2. It is intended that these prizes will include such prizes as Holiday/Leisure Vouchers, All-Ireland Final Tickets for August 2022 Football or Hurling Final and Tickets for main Horsepower Draw.
  3. Details of the Early Bird prizes and draw schedule will be updated regularly on

4. Communications:

  1. Skryne GFC may use details of text, email or postal address provided at point of sale to communicate with the ticket purchaser relating to matters associated with the draw. In all communications an option for the receiver to indicate that they do not want any further communication will be available.

5. First Prize of Tractor:

  1. The First Prize of a John Deere 6120 M Tractor with fitted loader has an industry value of c. €120,000. The winner of the First Prize can opt for an alternative prize of €100,000. The owner of the winning ticket should notify John Burke Chairman Skryne GFC of their choice of prize within 1 week of the Draw.
  2. If the Tractor is selected then Meath Farm Machinery Ltd will register and supply the tractor.

6. Second Prize of a Racehorse for a Racing Season:

  1. The Second Prize consists of the ‘Ownership of a Racehorse for a season or a cash alternative of €10,000. The owner of the winning ticket should notify John Burke Chairman Skryne GFC of their choice of prize within 1 week of the Draw.
  2. The prize includes training by Gavin Cromwell (the Trainer) and other benefits as detailed below.
  3. The ownership rights shall be defined by way of a leasehold agreement (the Lease) granted by the Trainer to the winning ticketholder (the Leasee).
  4. The ownership rights shall commence on 1st March 2023 and end at midnight on 1st November 2023 when ownership shall immediately revert to the Trainer.
  5. Skryne GFC will undertake to pay all training and veterinary fees on behalf of the Leasee, for the period of the Lease.
  6. The Leasee shall be entitled to all prize money won by the horse less HRI deductions for Trainer and jockey.
  7. The Trainer’s decision on all matters concerning the training, veterinary intervention and racing of the horse shall be final.
  8. In the event that the horse breaks down and has not run at least 5 times within the Lease period the Trainer will replace the horse with an alternative horse of the Trainer’s sole choice for the remainder of the Lease period.
  9. Skryne GFC shall appoint a person with horse racing knowledge to act as an intermediary for contact between the Leasee and the Trainer.
  10. The Trainer will facilitate, as far as practicable;
    • Stable visits
    • Selection of racing colours for the lease period
    • Provision of Owners Badges including free entry to racecourse when Leasee’s horse is running
    • Access to Owners/Trainers area and Parade Ring
    • Weekly training updates

7. General Conditions;

  1. Skryne GFC reserve the right to alter any matters relating to the operation and scheduling of the draw.
  2. The decision of the Executive Committee of Skryne GFC in relation to any matter related to the conduct of the draw shall be final.

T&Cs: 04th October 2022