If you look up the dictionary for Hard Working, Committed, Honest, Kind, Great attitude, driven, focused and determination Natalya Coyle’s name would be beside every single one. Natalya is certainly a star in our eyes and although disappointed and honest in her chat with Stephen she definitely is Irelands Gold Medal winner. Natalya gave her honest opinion of the Olympics and even spoke of watching back at the show jumping and disappointment that came with it. She was also asked some questions by the kids that really were interested in when she started doing athletics and alot about food. Natalya. She really listened to the question’s and as we mentioned before was honest in her answers. Natalya has no doubt a very bright future and is still focused on competing at the very top level. We are so grateful to have a winner in our eyes and she had time for photos with the kids and adults who were grateful to be in her presents. Well done to Stephen who was MC and also Maurice Daly. Natalya everyone in Skryne are so proud of you and your achievement’s. Cian presented Natalya with some flowers and also before the Olympics in Tokyo he had sent her a message wishing her well