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Use of Mouthguards

By Underage PRO Wed 16th Jan


Most of you will have heard through the media about the new GAA rule regarding mouthguards for underage players. The new rule came into force on 1st January this year, and we are obliged to enforce this ruling. Skryne Underage players of all ages (from U6 to Minor incl.) not wearing mouthguards will not be allowed to either train or play.

You can read all about the new rule, the types of mouthguard available, and a list of frequently asked questions on the GAA website here:

There are a number of boil&byte type mouthguards available through sports shops and chemists, or you can have a custom mouthguard fitted by a dentist. Note that in very young children, new mouthguards will be required every 3-4 months as their teeth develop. So custom fitted mouthguards may be a particularly expensive option for U6/U8 groups, but ultimately the decision is yours.

We are working with some local suppliers to offer discounts on the OPRO boil&byte type mouthguards, and will publish details on our website once this is finalised. We expect to offer these GAA approved mouthguards for around 5 euro. We are also arranging a discount with a dentist for those that would prefer to have custom-made mouthguards for maximum protection. Again we will publish details once arrangements have been finalised.

You may find it useful for now to review the instruction videos on the OPRO website, which demonstrate how their products can be prepared before use.

We will post an update once we have more details on the discount schemes available.


Hugh Mc Nelis

Underage PRO

By Underage PRO Wed 16th Jan

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