Total Success for Skryne and Donaghmore/Ashbourne in “Red or Black” Event in Ashbourne. | Skryne GFC
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Total Success for Skryne and Donaghmore/Ashbourne in “Red or Black” Event in Ashbourne.

By josephobrien Tue 29th Oct

Total Success for Skryne and Donaghmore/Ashbourne in “Red or Black” Event in Ashbourne.

In what turned out to be a cracking night’s fun, Skryne and Donaghmore/Ashbourne clubs ran the “Red or Black” event on Sunday night 28 October in the magnificent event centre in the Donaghmor/Ashbourne complex.   The large crowd enjoyed the event and joined in the spirit of the games with lots of vocal encouragement for the participants.   Some old stalwarts like Eamon and Trevor Giles, Mick Deegan and Mick O’Dowd participated in the games and this was nicely blended with current players like Mark Battersbie, Eoin Riordan, Ciaran Lenehan and Andrew Tormey.  Even the Skryne chairman competed against the Meath chairman Conor Tormey in a game where they had to do some icing of confectionary.  Suffice it to say they won’t be icing my Christmas cake this year.  Members of Skryne/Tara and Ashbourne Soccer clubs also participated in the hot shots game alongside their friends and neighbours in the Gaelic clubs.  Also members of the ladies and under age sections of the clubs also participated.  It was noted that it was the ladies who were on target with their shots.  Both clubs will now have female coaches for their sharp shooters.

To add to the enjoyment of the night a bar was set up in the hall and enjoyed considerable custom from the patrons.  For those who wished to sample more exotic fare, a cocktail bar was provided on the night.  Food was also served on the night by the caterers attached to the venue.

The event was compared by Stephen Naughton (Skryne) and Paddy Joe Moran (Don/Ash).  With these two sparking of each other the event was never going to run out of steam.  Both clubs provided a good number of support staff to look after admission and stewarding.  For those knocked out in the early rounds there was a buy-back-in facility which was very well subscribed to and worked well on the night.  Patrons who purchased tickets but who were unable to attend on the night were still able to participate through the use of a computer.  In the end two participants remained, one from Skryne and one from Donaghmore Ashbourne.  As if to demonstrate the total randomness of the event, one finalist was in the audience and one was a non-attendee who was played for by the computer and ultimately by a stand in.  The overall winner was Siobhan Lynch and while she took away €1,500 she missed out on the grand prize of €5,000 when the wheel stopped on red after she had chosen black.  Non-the- less Siobhan was delighted to have gotten the chance to spin the wheel.

The committee for this event was drawn from the two clubs and were Dan O’Leary, Frank O’Donnell, Eamon Giles, Michael Mulvany, Johnny Burke, Eoin O’Riordan, Sinead Rooney, Lorna Dervan and Joseph O’Brien.  This committee worked very well together and put together what became not only a brilliant night’s entertainment, but raised much needed funds for the two clubs.  As we all know both clubs cater for a very large number of young people from senior men down to under 6 boys as well as for ladies and girls.  The funds raised will be put to use in continuing to provide more and better facilities for our two communities.  Judging from the exceptional response from the community at large there is a huge well of good-will out there in our community in support of what we are endeavouring to do.

A big thank you is due to the camera men Senan McGrath and Patrick Warren who videoed the event.  Also Hugh McNelis who took some stills for a permanent record.  Sound on the night was provided by Michael McGoldrick and music was provided by the versatile Garreth Brennan.  Special thanks is due to Supervalue, Ashbourne and Tayto Park who allowed us to video two of the events on their premises, and to Harry Naughton who procured a cow for the milking competition.  We also want to thank all our sponsors who helped us out both in this and other events from time to time.  Without such help these events would not be as successful.  Anne Gray did all our printing, including the very attractive program for the night which was most professionally produced.

It cannot be stressed enough that most of our members gave as much as they could to this project and did so willingly because they appreciate what both clubs are doing for their members and indeed their communities at large.  Without your support these things simply wouldn’t happen so a big thank-you to everyone.  I cannot finish this report without giving special mention to two young people who were the engine room of this whole event.  They are Lorna Dervan and Eoin Riordan who came up with such fresh ideas and pushed them through with their youthful energy.  Also, Sinead Rooney who took on many tasks and left nothing undone.  With people like these in our communities we are well served for the future.  Both clubs owe a great debt of gratitude to these young people and they are a great example to everyone in both communities.

Now that this is over we can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to Christmas and the New Year with renewed eagerness.   Once again thank you to everyone who made a special effort to support this event.

Joseph O’ Brien
Skryne PRO
By josephobrien Tue 29th Oct

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