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Skryne Vrs Duleek Bellewstown

By Skryne GFC Admin Mon 31st Oct

Skryne Vrs Duleek Bellewstown
Skryne Vrs Duleek Bellewstown

Duleek Bellewstown defeat Skryne
Duleek Bellewstown 1 – 13; Skryne 0 – 12

In what was the last act fof the season for these two teams Duleek Bellewstown defeated Skryne to preserve their top rank status for 2012. Skryne were first out of the blocks with a fine point by Brian Byrne from the throw-in but before the first minute had elapsed this was cancelled out by Collins for the Duleek Bellewstown side. Paddy O’Rourke posted the next two for skryne but on ten minutes they were just one point ahead with a further point for Duleek/Bellewstown. A further two points from O’Rourke and one from Battersby gave them a four point cusion and it appeared at this stage that it would be Skryne’s day. However the Duleek/Bellwestiown side posted a goal and three points before the break to go in at half time leading 1 – 5 to 0- 6 in front.
After to break Skryne’s Mark Battersby again scored a point from the trow-in. However two points in quick succesion from Duleek/ Bellewstown opened a one goal advantage with the scores at 1 – 7 to 0 – 7. Skryne then staged a comback with points from Ian Davis, James Hegarty, K Mulvany and Brian Byrne giving them a one point lead with five minutes left on the stopwatch. However Duleek/Bellewstown needed the points to stay up and put in a subperb performance to score six points on the trot, two of which were in injury time. Skryne did manage one further point leaving the final score – Duleek Bellewstown 1 – 13, Skryne 0 – 12.

Teams, Skryne – F. O’Rourke, M. Jordan, D McGoldrick, D Brennan, P Fox, Allan Carty, J. Hegarty, A. Tuite, K Mulvany, D Ryan, B. Byrne, I. Davis, D. McAvinny, P. O’Rourke, M. Battersby, Subs N Lenehan for McAvinny, P McGoldrick for P O’Rourke.
Duleek Bellewstown – B Heavy, J Brannigan, P. Howard, D. Moore, K. McCann, B Moore, D Crosbie, T. Cunningham, K Smyth, J Flood, M. Collins, D. Mills, N Burke, P Curran, C McGinley Subs S Nolan for Burke, R Nolan for Heavy, C Byrne for McGinnley

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