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Skryne Beat Seneschalstown in A league Division 1

By Skryne GFC Admin Thu 18th Aug

Skryne Beat Seneschalstown in A league Division 1
Skryne Beat Seneschalstown in A league Division 1

Skryne 1-12
Seneschalstown 0-12

With this the first meeting of the sides since last years Championship Final, Seneschalstown were looking for revenge against Skryne’s last minute one point win but this was not to be as the home side came out 3 point winners in round 7 of the A League.

Seneschalstown were first on the score sheet with a point from play from full forward James Conlon but was soon cancelled out with a point from Skryne on the 2nd minute. Goal came for Skryne in the 5th minute when Mark Battersby found the back of the net. Seneschalstown were quick to reply with points from play from Shane Clarke and Jonathan Gilsenan. Skryne added 2 futher points with a point from play from Aidan Tuite and a free from Paddy O’Rourke on the 12th and 13th minute respectively. Gilsenan slotted over another point on the 15th minute and was soon followed by a point from midfielder Stephen Finnegan on the 17th minute. Gilsenan had a goal chance on the 21st minute but went harmlessly wide to the relief of the Skryne defence. Battersby who was causing havoc for the Seneschaltown defence kicked over a point on the 22nd minute. Finnegan kicked over the black spot on the 26th minute with an excellent long range kick. Seneschaltown conceeded a free just before the break of half time which seen O’Rourke step up and kick over the bar.

O’Rourke kicked over another free in the first minute of the second half. Half back James Byrne made a good run through the Skryne defence and cleverly kick over the bar on the 34st minute. Again the Yellow Furze side conceeded a free which seen O’Rourke step up again and kick over the bar. Skryne defence also conceeded frees which allowed Gilsenan score on the 35th and 42nd minute. O’Rourke and Ronan Mc Cabe got 3 further points on the scoreboard for the home side on the 45th, 46th and 48th minutes.

Seneschalstown narrowed the gap with a free from Clarke on the 51st minute but was again cancelled out with a point from half back James Hegarty on the 52nd minute. Clarke again kicked over a free on the 57th minute but with just 3 minutes to go and just that goal between the sides Seneschalstown tired to create a goal chances with high balls into the full forward and Gilsenan again had a great chance on the 59th minute but was struck to the right and wide. O’Rourke finished off the scoring for Skryne with a long range point on the 60th minute.

Skryne: F O’Rourke, D. Morley, M. Mulvany, J. Looby, A. Carty, C. Lenehan, J. Hegarty, A. Tuite, D. McGoldrick, K.O’ Reilly, T. Giles, P. O’Rourke, R. McCabe, K. Mulvanny, M. Battersby.

Seneschalstown: D. Lyons, G. Sheridan, C. Noonan, D. Byrne, P. Carey, G. Conlon, J. Byrne (0-01), R. Ruddy, S. Finnegan (0-02), D. Matthews, F. Sheridan, P. Waters, S. Clarke (0-04, 2 frees), J. Conlon (0-01), J. Gilsenan (0-04, 2 frees). Subs: M Carey for Matthews 33rd min, M. Gilsenan for G. Sheridan 40th min, N. Groome for Waters 50th min.

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