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A Week to Remember

By josephobrien Tue 20th May

A Week to Remember
A Week to Remember

What a week, well actually six days only.  Most clubs would give their proverbial right arm for a fraction of such a week.  Starting last Tuesday evening (13 May), our under 16s were winners over Donaghmore/Ashbourne in their final.  Then on Friday our seniors looked all set to suffer a second defeat.  However, being Skryne, they worked hard until they got the win over Blackhall Gaels.  On Sunday evening in Simonstown, we once again witnessed what it really means to carry the label Skryne GFC, when a storming last five minutes saw our minors deprive Wolfe Tones of a victory they surely thought was in the bag.   This was accomplished by ending the game with a couple of extremely well taken scores.

Other important club matters also ran their course over the weekend.  On Saturday evening we had the official opening of our new RST centre.  Then on Sunday we had the official opening of our refurbished dressing rooms and playing pitch.  The building and grounds were in immaculate condition when we hosted the challenge match between Meath and a very good Cork side.  Meath of course are managed by two legends of the Skryne Football Club, Mick O’Dowd and Trevor Giles and the backroom team is also mainly from Skryne.

The excellent conditions of our premises did not happen by accident.  Much hard work went into having everything shipshape for the day.  A lot of credit for this work is down to one very dedicated Skryne-man, Kevin O’Rourke.  Kevin, as most of you know, will leave no stone unturned in order to get everything shipshape for a big day.  This applies as much for ordinary club games as it does to big match events like Sundays.  He invests much of his own personal time in club activities and without his input Skryne GFC would be very much the poorer.  There are many others who contributed handsomely to this success.  The contractors of course, who pulled out all the stops to get the place finished on time and the countless volunteers who turned up on a number of Saturday mornings and did whatever was asked of them.

Skryne GFC wish to thank all our members who helped on the big occasion.  The ticket sellers and gate attendants, the blotto and program sellers, the car park attendants and stewards. Also, thanks to the ladies who prepared much appreciated refreshments as well as the official caterers who provided a meal to the teams.  A very nice programme, printed by AJprint, was put together by Dermot Carty and Joseph O’Brien, and was on sale on the day.  Skryne also provided the lines-men and umpires for the match and they did an excellent job.  I cannot finish this article without mention of our past three chairmen.  Oliver Harrington was in the chair when this project was mooted and commenced. Dermot Carty took the baton and really got into his stride in getting the building of the ground.  Dan O’Leary took over three years ago and oversaw the finish of this phase of our development.  While Dan had the honour of crossing the winner’s line it was very much a team effort by all three and Skryne GFC commends them all for undertaking and completing this project on time and within budget.

It has been noted by many commentators that in Skryne we do things as perfectly as any GAA club can, within reasonable constraints and budgets.  In fact it could be said that we got everything right except the weather, which, despite being inclement, failed to dampen the spirit of the day.  People of Skryne, especially those who help our club in any small way, take a bow.  You are a credit to your club, your parish, your families and especially yourselves.  It is you who make this one of the finest clubs, in any sport, in the country. Go raibh mile,mile maith agaibh go leir.

Joseph O’ Brien

Skryne PRO.

By josephobrien Tue 20th May

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