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Skryne Hang on to take points at Home

By josephobrien Thu 22nd Aug

Skryne 1 – 8; Wolfe Tones 1 – 7

Playing against fourteen man Wolfe Tones Skryne hung on to win by the slenderest margin in the A League match played in Skryne on Tuesday evening.  There were a number of talking points in this match as Wolfe Tones had a goal disallowed for an apparent foul on the Skryne goalkeeper.  Wolfe Tones were also in possession and on attack when the referee blew sharply for full time. Skryne never the less did have a workman-like performance and a goal on 44 minutes from their ace scorer Mark Battersby was the crucial score of the game.  Wolfe Tones did get a goal from an excellent solo effort by Eoin Harrington and this put them in front with ten minutes left.  However two points from Aidan Tuite and David McGoldrick gave the advantage back to Skryne who finish the league with sixteen points.

Skryne F. O’Rourke, D Morley, C. Lenehan, D Brennan, N. Lenehan, D McGoldrick (2), R. McCabe, A Tuite (2), H. Rooney, P. Fox, I Davis (2), K.O’Reilly (1),  K Mulvany, P O’ Rourke, M Battersby (1-1), Subs: C O’Brien for Fox (20), M Jordan for C Lenehan (39),  B. Davis for O’Reilly(45), A Carty for N. Lenehan (49), J Jordan for O’Rourke(55)

Referee: Brendan O’Brien

Joseph O’ Brien

Skryne PRO


By josephobrien Thu 22nd Aug

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